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This challenging flow-style practice combines the breath with a series of postures to build heat in the body, developing strength, flexibility and stamina.

Yoga Wall – Healthy Back

This is a unique and specialized class incorporating the therapeutic and invigorating effects of the Yoga Wall. Emphasis will be put on specific poses that target the hips and spine both on and off the Yoga Wall. Whether you are new to Yoga or more advanced, you are certain to find a way to improve and deepen your practice.

Deep Healing

A deeply restorative, healing and contemplative class designed to promote physical and emotional balance, stress reduction, self-healing and greater inner awareness. Deep Healing blends Yoga postures, Pranayama, Mantra and meditation with the core philosophical principles of Yoga and Ayurveda. This class also incorporates Yoga Nidra and sound healing practices during Savasana with crystal singing bowls, chimes, and other healing sounds.

Yoga for Healing

We explore the deep inner healer within each of us. A gentle class designed for those going through cancer treatment. This class has been opened to all who seek healing. We encourage caregivers, people who have immune system diseases, and other chronic illnesses to come to this healing community. All are welcomed to this restorative and gentle form of yoga.

Yin Yoga with Reiki

In this 75 min Yin Yoga Practice the practitioners will be gently guided through a calming meditation to bring awareness to the breath, Yin and Restorative postures are introduced, and any of the different vibration healing modalities including Sound healing with Tibetan or crystal bowls, and tuning forks may be utilized in class in addition to the subtle healing vibrations of Reiki, and Aromatherapy.
The class may provide healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels for the student wishing to go deeper within.

Core Flow

A fun and challenging class that incorporates the best of hatha yoga, Pilates and core strengthening techniques to provide you with an efficient and enjoyable workout that will energize you, improve your posture and reduce stress.

Rise and Shine Vinyasa

This 60 minute, all levels, vinyasa style class combines breath with movement in invigorating flow sequences that open and energize the body in preparation for the day.

Yoga Basics

These classes teach the basics of movement and breath, slowly increase your strength and flexibility, and introduce the fundamentals of different traditions.

Yin Deep Stretch

A passive, deeply releasing class Yin draws awareness to the connective tissue and effort within poses. This 75 min. class will leave you feeling like you’ve had a massage. Breathing techniques and a crystal bowl savasana are included.

Kundalini Mantra & Meditation

A deep restorative yoga practice that focuses on special breathing techniques, postures, mantra meditation and sound healing.

Advanced Bheemashakti Strength

Description: This class will focus on the strength aspect of yoga practice. This includes arm balances, forearm stands, jump through vinyasa and strengthening the standing leg for balancing abilities.

*Note: advanced students only* Advanced students are not required to have an advanced yoga practice. “Advanced” refers to the ability of the student to take instruction from the teacher in a way that is conducive for self learning. Students will be expected to learn exercises and be able to self manage themselves for parts of the class. This class is great for those with an existing yoga practice or an excitement to be thrown new material and challenging exercises.