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Zara Jeffrey, LMT- Wellness Coordinator
Massage & Yoga Therapist

Healing has always been powerful and fascinating to me. What drives my passion to share it with others is that I have experienced it within my own body and life and seen many positive changes. We are all different; we are all individual and need our own set of tools that work for our own unique experience of life.
Here is a brief overview of my training. In 2004, I graduated from San Diego State University with my Bachelors of Arts in Dance. This study took me on a deep exploration within my body, mind and spirit. In 2008, I attended Mueller College for Massage Therapy; this program gave me tools to help others clear blockages through healing touch and intuition. I began working in clinical massage in 2010 at the San Diego Center for Health where I began to hone my skills in the chiropractic and injury recovery setting. In 2013, I reconnected with yoga, creating a shift, and bringing my entrepreneurial spirit to life. I also began working as a Lead Therapist at Via Sat Wellness Center in Carlsbad. This position focused my body work primarily on medical massage. In 2014, I completed the Mastery of Life Teacher Training. This 200 hour yoga certification program focused on the healing power of yoga. I am currently continuing to build myself as a yoga therapy practitioner. I look forward to blending my body work skills with therapeutic yoga techniques, to give each client a truly personalized, gratifying, and healing experience.

Aaron Moon,LMT
Sensory Repatterning/Thai Massage/Yoga Therapist/Life Coach
I have the best job in the world. As a healing artist and a global wellness consultant I work to improve the lives of families and individuals daily. With over 5 years of development in the cauldron of the classroom, and in the field as apprentice and facilitator combined with over 8 years of practice and application,  I use both ancient-traditional and leading-edge healing and coaching methods to help you through a crisis or achieve your daily, seasonal and lifetime health and performance goals. My background as a chef, yoga teacher and ancient wisdom keeper combined with my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Initiation Coach enables me to work magic, in moving families and individuals through times of intense stress, challenge and change with as much ease and swiftness possible. My aim is to go with you to the deepest level of health and wellness possible.



Kael Roberts, LMT

Kael has been a wellness professional and lifestyle coach practicing in San Diego, CA since 2011. She has a wide range of experience from Professional Athletes, to individuals with physical disabilities  and everything in between. Her passion for her career and personalized approach with each client makes her a stand out in the wellness community. Kael’s primary goal is to educate each client on how to achieve their individual goals in a healthy and effective way so that they are able to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to see results for a lifetime.

Elzbieta Ruczkowska- Access BARS Facilitator

Since 1990 Elzbieta has been intensively studding different Modalities of Energy Work. These include Polarities, Rebirthing, Silva, Reiki, NLP, EFT, Pranic Healing, and Quantum Jumping. Since 2013 Elzbieta’s favorite modality to teach and practice is the Access BARS a powerful technique that works with your subtle energy, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, and emotional and mental body.
Elzbieta is helping people create a beautiful life designed from their own unique image by identifying & clearing emotional blocks and unhealthy life patterns. Sessions can address a variety of issues from career or relationship issues to stress releasing, deep relaxation or breaking the feeling of “stuck” in life. Even helping with insomnia, anxiety or preparing for examsEach session can open the door to an increase in physical wellbeing and spiritual awakening.    SubtleEnergyFields.com

Hillary Tinapple- Craniosacral Therapist (CST)

Hillary Tinapple has been in private practice, doing craniosacral work, since 2013. CST became her specialty soon after discovering its profound effects on her. She finds it to be an efficient, whole‑body approach to acknowledging and enhancing the health that already exists, and she is fortunate to have been trained and certified in Upledger Craniosacral Therapy. More recently she has been informed by the physiology of trauma and has participated in the care of concussion and post concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD and other complex neurological conditions. Hillary has been in professional massage since 2009 and is licensed to practice in California and Washington. More information can be found on her website, yourinneroasis.com.