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Introductory, Gentle and Restorative Classes

Welcome to Ginseng Yoga & Bodywork! Thank you for choosing our studio to begin your exploration of Yoga. As our highest priority is customer satisfaction, we want your yoga experience at Ginseng to be inspiring and fulfilling. In order to support this, as with any fitness program, it is very important that you are matched appropriately for your initial classes. We therefore encourage you to call or email us with any questions that you might have. Our staff will make every effort to help you determine which classes would be most appropriate for your needs.

To aid the process of selecting a class, we have a few suggestions listed below.

This guideline will help you get started… Please feel free to try other level “1” – “1/2″ classes as you see fit! There are several on the schedule to choose from. As always, listen to & honor your body while practicing. There are many poses you will be able to do and some you may wish to skip… ENJOY!

Introductory Classes

For students who wish to begin their yoga practice with a traditional format, but at a slower pace. These classes provide instruction in the basic poses, and will slowly increase strength and flexibility over time. Please call before attending if you have any physical concerns.

Yoga Basics with Courtney Yezzi

Monday 4:30pm: This class teaches the basics of combining movement and breath in a Vinyasa flow, along with guided, gentle instruction in the poses.

Classic Hatha 1-2 with Nathan Briner

Tuesday 6:30pm: A  great place to begin and continue your yoga practice and anyone looking for a classical yoga experience. Build your foundation by learning how to listen and respond to your body as you move through a sequence of accessible poses. In this class we introduce longer holds and deeper techniques for you to develop your practice. More challenging postures may be introduced and modifications offered to increase the difficulty.   Attention to detail and correct alignment are emphasized.  Breath work is introduced, as well as yogic philosophy.  Suitable for all levels of students.

Gentle Classes

These classes are intended for students who would prefer a restorative class, and a slower, meditative pace. These classes are appropriate for seniors and those with physical limitations.

Healing Yin Yoga  w/ Reiki with Julie Quinn

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm: Julie combines Reiki (universal healing energy) and Aromatherapy to this gentle Yin Yoga style class. Yin Yoga is a way to stretch the body on a deep cellular level with postures that are designed to get into the ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues by allowing the body to unfold itself through time. This class is meditative, relaxing, and a great way to unwind after a more difficult “yang” style practice. Good for all levels.    (Pre-registration suggested)

Yoga for Healing  with Jean Di Carlo

Tuesday 12:00pm: Yoga for Healing is a class designed to use the deeper aspects of yoga. The class was originally designed for cancer patients, however the class has evolved to be a sacred space for all those desiring to find their inner healers. The gentle range of motion and yoga postures is done in the supine (on the back) position. Getting up and down to the ground is the only requirement for participation.  We can accommodate safe chair use to the ground and back up. The meditation part of the class is a time of self-exploration with healing techniques.

Deep Yoga Bliss with Melissa McKinstry

Wednesday 10:30am and Sunday 10:00am: This class is sumptuous and slow, encouraging you to surrender into your true self and enjoy the deep peace, wisdom and bliss within. Heart-opening, gentle flow followed by stress-reducing, rejuvenative poses. Often includes Pranayama, Marma, Nidra.

Deep Healing Yoga with Liz Myers

Friday 5:30pm: This meditative bliss yoga class to stretch and release the tension held within the connective tissues of the body while supporting you to let go of stress. This practice will offer long slow stretches with a deep connection to your healing breath. . This class may provide healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels for the student wishing to go deeper within. This restorative class is great for all levels.

Yin Yoga with Abby Stephenson

Sunday 5:00pm is a way to stretch the body on a deep cellular level with postures that are designed to get into the ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues by allowing the body to unfold itself through time. This class is meditative, relaxing, and a great way to unwind after a more difficult “yang” style practice.

Restorative Classes

These classes each provide their own unique approach to healing. They are suggested for students who prefer a restorative class, but would like a more active pace than our gentle classes. Please let the teacher know if you have any physical limitations.

Deep Healing with Rachel Dragonfly

Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am: A deeply restorative, healing and contemplative class designed to promote physical and emotional balance, stress reduction, self-healing and greater inner awareness. Deep Healing blends Yoga postures, Pranayama, Mantra and meditation with the core philosophical principles of Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Healthy Backs with Robert Hammill

Monday 10:30am, Wednesday 12:00pm and Saturday 8:00am: Whether you have previous injuries, back pain or just want to learn how to keep your back healthy, this class will help you by focusing on alignment, pose modification for therapeutic application, core strengthening and flexibility. Not suitable for Pre-Natal. Pre-Registration suggested.

Ground & Restore Yoga with Julie Quinn

Friday 10:30am: This class will first focus on floor-based yoga postures that open & stretch the body in a balanced way, followed by Restorative Yoga, where the body is entirely supported by props in order to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind-body.  This class may also incorporate other aspects of yoga, including pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation practices.  The aim is that you leave these practices feeling more grounded and energetically refreshed.  Suitable for all levels.

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