Ginseng Yoga Class Descriptions

We have defined the following levels and class descriptions to help you choose an appropriate Yoga class according to your ability and interest. Different body types, age, experience with Yoga and injuries may also determine your choice. For more detailed information on what to expect in different teachers’ classes, view our Class Schedule or please call us at 619 338-YOGA (9642). As always, feel free to stop by with questions or feedback.

Introductory Classes

Gentle and Restorative Classes

Level 1 – All Levels

These classes provide a safe environment for new and beginning students to learn the correct form of the basic Yoga postures. Basic postures are the building blocks of a healthy Yoga practice. No experience or flexibility required.

Level 1/2

Many of our classes fall into this level, and a distinct variety of teaching styles are available. A moderately paced class which builds core strength, enhances flexibility, and promotes a calm nervous system. The postures are presented in a more challenging way and with more variations, including the practice of backbends, shoulder-stands and inversions.

Level 2

These classes are designed to take students to the intermediate level. Further strength, stamina and flexibility will be required as more advanced postures are introduced, including a greater range of inversions, backbends and basic arm balances. This class is also recommended for advanced students looking for more detailed instruction of the poses practiced in the level 2&3 classes.

These classes are not recommended for first time students.

Level 2/3

These are more challenging classes for those with an ongoing Yoga practice. Advanced postures and methods of practice will be introduced. Level 2&3 classes build heat and stamina through sun salutations and standing poses. Intermediate backbends and inverted poses are regularly practiced. Students will find these classes creative, challenging and stimulating. Not suitable for beginners.

Please click below for the online schedule where you can view classes, class levels & descriptions, pay for classes, and pre-register*.

*It is helpful but not mandatory to pre-register for classes. Space availability is usually not an issue for classes that are held in the Yellow Room.  However, IT IS a good idea to pre-reg. for classes in the smaller “Green Room” as it can get pretty busy during prime times.  Online Schedule shows which room class is held in.

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